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Winter Storm Service Updates

Updated: February 24th, 2021

Many of our service areas are currently experiencing severe weather. We will be able to resume delivery services to impacted locations once road conditions are safe and equipment is up and running. Times are dates for resuming services vary by location and are subject to change and will be updated below:

Current Status —

Services in all areas have resumed as of Monday (2/22).

Central TX: We are resuming limited services at this time.
North TX: 
We are resuming limited services at this time.

We will ramp up services in all impacted areas as soon as possible. If you need any advice or assistance from us in the meantime, please reach out to our customer service team through any contact form on our website or by calling 800-858-7665.

Stay safe out there, and thank you for your patience!
Poolsure Team


Post-Winter Storm Guidelines

Please review the following guidelines for when your pool becomes accessible at your property:

Dos and Don’ts:

DO: Wait for any frozen equipment to fully thaw before starting your pump.
DO: Remove any debris from the pool and debris traps.
DO: Maintain Saturation Index between -0.3 and 0.3.
DO: Repair any leaks before completing startup.
DO: Clean the filter and reset the GFCI for the chemical controller.

DON’T: Run pool equipment on generators.
DON’T: Add antifreeze to equipment.
DON’T: Leave equipment running if it is leaking or if you smell burning..

Common troubleshooting issues:

If you see any of these issues, please try the following steps —

Problem 1: Power has returned, but the pool pump will not turn on.

  1. Start by turning your breakers off and back on, then try your switches. See if your pump turns on.
  2. If possible, also test to confirm that your pump has proper voltage. 
  3. If your property has power and your pump is still off after you’ve tried these steps, please contact Poolsure.

Problem 2: Power has returned, but you do not see any lights on your controller.

  1. Clean your filter, reset the GFCI outlet, and check the circuit breaker.
  2. If the outlet has power and the pressure switch is being engaged, but you still see no lights on the controller, there is no power going to your controller. Here’s a quick video to show what to do when there is no power to your controller.
  3. If this is the case, please contact Poolsure. 

Problem 3: There are chemicals actively leaking from the tubing. 

  1. Crimp off the lines from the chemicals that have the leak. Crimping the lines will allow our techs to come out to repair the tubing. Here’s a quick video showing you how to stop a leak.
  2. Please contact Poolsure to let us know about the leak.

Problem 4: Controller is showing a feed limit alert and has turned off.

  1. Check the chemical levels and the swap acid line if needed. Here’s a quick video about how to switch acid drums.
  2. If the issue is not resolved, contact Poolsure.

Problem 5: FAC and pH levels are wrong, but everything else appears okay.

  1. Make sure that power has been restored to your property.
  2. Make sure that pumps and filters are working.
  3. Make sure that TA level is 80+ ppm, and CYA is 30+ ppm.
  4. Contact Poolsure if this issue persists after following the above instructions.


Please contact Poolsure using any of the contact forms on this website or by calling 800-858-7665.

Thank you!