Chemical Delivery Services

Poolsure is built for delivery.

At our core, Poolsure is a chemical supplier and distributor of water treatment chemicals. Our services currently extend along the Gulf Coast, from Texas to Florida. With a fleet of 100+ minibulk tankers and service vehicles, we are highly equipped to handle the water treatment needs of waterparks, resorts, country clubs, HOAs, and any other properties with high usage of bleach and other chemicals.

If your commercial property prefers to supply, operate, and maintain your own chemical control and injection equipment, Poolsure is happy to provide chemical delivery services.

Poolsure bleach is also used for…

Cooling Towers

Gator Farms

Fish Farms

Pressure Washing

Why Customers Choose Poolsure Delivery

Poolsure’s delivery fleet is supported by cutting-edge routing technology and a full dispatch team.

Advanced and immediate routing adjustments, site- or property-specific routing, and automated delivery confirmations help us uphold our delivery expectations and prevent late deliveries. Our technological investment into out fleet and fleet systems enable us to provide consistent, reliable, and efficient water treatment chemical deliveries to customers like yourself.

The minibulk tanker trucks that we use to provide chemical delivery services are equipped with GPS monitoring, dash cams, advanced driver alert, and pneumatic offloading capabilities. All of these features have propelled us to rank among the top in safety among other motor carriers in our class year after year. 


    Poolsure offers a wide range of NSF-certified chemical products that are up to the highest standards.

    Nothing is more important to Poolsure than providing high-quality products and delivering them to customers safely. NSF certification involves regular on-site inspections of our manufacturing facility and product testing, both planned and unannounced. We pursue NSF certification for all of our chemical blends to ensure that our product quality is continuously held to a high standard. Safe water requires safe water treatment chemicals. With Poolsure, safety is a safe bet.

    Contact us if you are interested in a particular set of chemicals. Our more popular chemical offerings are listed below:

    • Bleach / Sodium Hypochlorite
    • Non-Fuming Pool Acid
    • Sodium Bicarbonate
    • Cyanuric Acid

    Partnering with Poolsure will grant you access to reliable technical services and a vast knowledge base.

    Reliable technical services are hard to come by because they require trained, competent technicians. Poolsure’s technicians undergo extensive conceptual and hands-on training, and are often hired with technical knowledge of pool equipment prior to onboarding. Having fast access to reliable services and repairs translates to reduced downtime and headaches for you. We hope that nothing will break down on your property, but we’ll be here if it does.

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