Water Management Program

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Our pool maintenance program includes quality chemicals, expert support, and more!

Commercial pools need the right equipment and trained staff to stay safe and healthy. Stay on top of swimming pool maintenance by partnering with Poolsure!

Get on-time chemical deliveries, chemical automation, pool training, and technical support at a low flat monthly rate — a plan that’s perfect for multifamily properties and hotels who strive for that sparkling blue pool. Learn more about our pool maintenance service by checking out our short video!

With some help from Poolsure, your pool could become the centerpiece of your property!

We Provide Commercial Pool Maintenance Services For:

Multifamily Pools

Our fastest-growing segment, multifamily residences are the best fit for our Water Management Program! Learn how Poolsure’s pool maintenance services can help your property.


Hotel Pools and Spas

Hotels are busy with so many services; don’t let your pools and spas get overlooked!
Maintain a safe and healthy pool for guests at all times with Poolsure’s chemical services.


Resort Pools

The number one attraction at popular resorts is a sparkling blue pool! Poolsure services resorts across the southern USA, and we have the expertise to provide the backup you need to keep your pools in tip top shape.


Water Parks

Water, water everywhere — and busy all the time! We get it, and Poolsure’s large portfolio of water parks from Texas to Florida is proof that we can handle the volume.

We Provide Commercial Pool Services In:

Texas • Florida • Mississippi • Louisiana • Arizona


Water Management Program Benefits

Program Benefits

Fixed monthly cost for all chemicals and equipment.

Free installation, including all chemical storage tanks and automation equipment.

Constant supply of all chemicals needed to maintain proper pool chemistry.

Wireless communication available for pool automation equipment.

Complimentary staff training and access to optional certification and educational courses.

Online account management and 24/7 response to emergency service requests.

Our Promises


We guarantee consistent chemical deliveries and product quality. Backed by investment in logistics software, we are able to serve our customers with data-driven service scheduling.


Poolsure has served aquatic facilities for over 25 years. Every Poolsure employee you will interact with has CPO certification – the gold standard of pool expertise.


Poolsure boasts an award-winning delivery fleet. Our tanker trucks come equipped with pneumatic offloading capabilities, ensuring that your pool chemicals are in safe hands.

Poolsure’s Controllers

Automatic pool controllers are included at no additional cost in our Water Management Program. All of our chemical feed equipment is manufactured in-house, where we can assure quality and consistency.

Aquasol's pool controller monitors and adjusts the water chemistry of your pool 24/7 as needed. This automatic process helps reduce chemical costs and liability risks. This helps you create the safer, healthier swimming experience that proper pool maintenance is all about!

Water Management Program FAQs

How do you maintain a commercial pool?

All pools require chemical disinfection and balance, equipment maintenance, and regular cleaning to stay safe and beautiful for swimmers! Commercial pools must also be in compliance with state and local codes. Poolsure’s Water Management Program handles the chemical aspect for commercial properties, and we have adjacent services and expertise that can help pool operators and maintenance teams navigate the rest!

What does Poolsure provide through the Water Management Program?

Poolsure’s Water Management Program provides all the pool chemicals and equipment needed to maintain a commercial pool. This includes chemical automation equipment for 24/7 water disinfection, regular chemical deliveries to your property, dry chemicals for water balance, and access to top-tier pool technicians to help with equipment repair services.

How often should we expect service?

Poolsure provides chemical deliveries on an as-needed basis! We have tank monitoring technology that will alert us to refill your chlorine and acid before they reach critical levels, or you can request a delivery if your tank is running low. Short answer: as often as needed! (PS: All Poolsure chemical deliveries and chemical feed equipment services are included in the monthly cost!

How much does Poolsure’s Water Management Program cost?

Poolsure’s Water Management Program has one flat monthly fee and includes a whole lot of pool chemical services! The pricing for Poolsure’s Water Management Program is determined by the size of your pool and the previous year’s pool chemical usage. If you are interested in a quote, please fill out any contact form on our website. Once we get some initial information, we can provide a free quote!

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We install our automatic pool controllers, set up chemical tanks, and train your staff on how to use Poolsure's equipment.

Step 3

Enjoy Pool Care

Sit back and enjoy the ongoing assurance of partnering with Poolsure!

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