Texas boiler room code 2020 updates — what do my pool heaters need for compliance?

Nov 2, 2021 | Blog

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Do the Texas boiler room code updates apply to me?

If you have a gas-powered pool heater located in a boiler room, make sure that your setup is in compliance with the 2020 boiler room code updates issued by the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation (TDLR). Boiler rooms can be indoor or outdoor spaces that are enclosed by a floor, walls, and ceiling — anywhere that does not receive normal airflow from the outside. While these code updates are required for boiler rooms that have been built or remodeled after September 1st, 2020, they are best practice in all boiler rooms regardless of renovation date.

The big-ticket item in the code update is that a carbon monoxide (CO) detector and safety interlock system must now be installed on gas-powered pool heaters in boiler rooms. This change was made in order to reduce the number of deaths and injuries resulting from carbon monoxide poisoning. Heater interlocks shut off pool heaters before CO reaches potentially life-threatening levels.

What are the updated pool heater requirements in the 2020 amendment of the Texas boiler room code?

Here is the full text of the Boiler Room rule section §65.206 of the Texas Administrative Code.

The summary of the new requirements is below:

    • The carbon monoxide detector and boiler has to be interlocked to disable the burners when the measured level of CO rises above 50 ppm.
    • The carbon monoxide detector must disable the burners upon loss of power to the detector.
    • The carbon monoxide detector has to be calibrated either according to the manufacturer’s recommendations or every 18 months after installation. A record of these calibrations should be posted at or near the boiler or be readily accessible to an inspector.

Which carbon monoxide (CO) detector does Poolsure recommend?

sodium bicarbonate, bicarb, baking soda

Poolsure recommends installing the CGM-505 carbon monoxide detector. This is an environmental, industrial, and commercial indoor carbon monoxide gas detector designed to interlock with building management systems and detect unsafe levels of carbon monoxide in the boiler room.

This installation can be handled in-house, but the Poolsure Service & Repair team can perform the installation if external expertise is required.

Need help with getting your boiler room up to code? Poolsure can assist!

Do you have a gas-powered pool heater? If so, protect your maintenance team by installing a carbon monoxide detector with a compliant safety interlock system. If you would like a quote for Poolsure’s Service & Repair team to complete this installation, fill out our general diagnostic form at the link below!

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