Poolsure Expands Service Area to Arizona

Jun 11, 2021 | News

Poolsure is expanding service to Arizona!

PHOENIX–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Poolsure, a leading provider of swimming pool safety through chemical delivery and automation, is expanding its services to Maricopa and Pinal Counties in Arizona.

This strategic move comes after careful consideration of which US region has the most need for a new water treatment option for their pools.

“Pools in Phoenix are open all year, and water is a scarce resource all across Arizona,” says Alan Falik, President of Poolsure. “Our water treatment solutions are designed to provide the safest pool chemical treatment options while conserving as much water as possible. Arizona seems like a perfect fit.”

Trichlor, a stabilized solid form of chlorine, is the pool disinfectant of choice across much of the arid state. “We are excited to offer a better solution to commercial properties that are currently using trichlor to treat their pools,” says Kevin Boyer, COO of Poolsure. “Trichlor is easy to use, but CYA buildup from constant trichlor use can cause major problems for pool water. The only proven solution for CYA reduction is partial pool draining, which can be problematic and not something people want to do with the drought in the region.”

Since 2020, Poolsure has been a member of CYA Smart Alliance, a group of industry leaders operating in the pool and spa space that have pledged to limit the overuse of CYA in water treatment.

Poolsure’s disinfectant is sodium hypochlorite, known in the industry as liquid chlorine bleach. The main barrier preventing properties from choosing pool bleach is the difficulty of transportation. Poolsure delivers sodium hypochlorite to all properties in minibulk quantities, making it feasible for commercial pool treatment.

“When it’s available, sodium hypochlorite is the safest and least expensive disinfectant for commercial pools,” says Vincent Flaviani, Sales VP of Poolsure. “We are providing value by packaging these deliveries with a chemical controller system that monitors and balances the pool 24/7, automating the pool disinfection process for our customers.”

Poolsure’s Water Management Program is a flat-rate monthly pool service for commercial properties that includes chemical deliveries, chemical automation, training, and equipment monitoring.

Poolsure expects to be operating fully in the region by fall of 2021. For more information about Poolsure’s Water Management Program for multifamily and hotel properties, visit www.poolsure.com.

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