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Pool Reopening Update for TX and FL

Rev. July 15th, 2020

Reopening Status

TX is in Phase III Reopening
FL is in Phase II Reopening

Both states are currently adhering to the following pool guidelines:

  • 50% max occupancy in pools
  • Groups of 10 individuals or less (or individuals of the same family)
  • 6 feet of social distancing whenever possible
  • No entry if experiencing symptoms
  • Face masks recommended when not in water

Follow any additional local guidance if available.



How do I request a chemical delivery?

Fill out a contact form on our website or call us.

Please request a delivery when you have 3-4 days of chemicals remaining.

Is there Poolsure guidance regarding Covid-19 safety?

Yes! Keep your pools sanitized to prevent the virus from spreading. Create a Covid-19 Safety Procedure for your property (instructions below). 

Creating a Covid-19 Safety Procedure

Do I really need to do this?

Can’t I just look up something online?

You may be asking yourself these questions, and here’s why you should make this right away: because you don’t want Covid-19 to spread at your business!

Creating and implementing a clear set of guidelines for employees and guests to follow regarding Covid-19 safety is important. What should you do to help minimize employee contact with guests? What ways that Covid-19 can spread in pool areas, and how should you minimize risk in those places? Online resources can help, but only you know what will work for your property. Only you know how your employee shifts can be arranged and how to most effectively communicate with your guests. Make sure that there are clear procedures in place at your establishment to help keep your employees and patrons safe!

Poolsure can’t create your procedure for you, but we can give you guidance on what to include in your procedure. All of our recommendations below are based on information published by the CDC and state governments. Choose to implement anything that makes sense for your location, or modify these suggestions to fit your needs.

First of all… are pools safe?

This is a question that potential pool users might ask you, or that you’re asking yourself. The answer is yesas long as the pool water is properly disinfected and maintenance staff keeps the pool areas clean and sanitized. According to the CDC, there is no evidence that the Covid-19 virus can spread to humans through the use of properly-disinfected pools and spas.

How does Covid-19 spread in pool areas?

To understand how to prevent the spread of this virus, we first have to consider how it is currently being transmitted.

According to the CDC, COVID-19 is primarily spread through respiratory dropletsIn pool areas, transmission can occur:

    • Between people who are not practicing the recommended 6 ft of social distancing.
    • Through inhaling respiratory droplets produced by an infected person while coughing, sneezing, or talking.
    • If the pool is not properly sanitized/disinfected, and the virus is not effectively deactivated.

Your guidelines should revolve around how to prevent these scenarios from occurring at your pools.


Here are some questions to help you outline your Covid-19 Safety Procedure:

How will you enforce social distancing at your pools and surrounding areas?

  • Consider setting up an appointment system for pool reservations, or figure out an alternate way to stick to max capacity limits (currently at 50%).
  • Rearrange pool furniture to accommodate for 6 ft of separation between individuals.
  • If you provide pool towels, set up a system to distribute them on an individual or minimal-touch basis.
  • Provide masks to pool patrons; encourage masks to be worn when not actively swimming in the water.
  • Discourage sharing of pool equipment and toys.

How will you ensure that pool areas are cleaned properly?

  • Create a pool cleaning plan. If you are scheduling pool appointments, consider cleaning and disinfecting pool shower areas and bathrooms between each group visit. If you are not scheduling pool appointments, consider setting up preset cleaning intervals throughout the day instead.
  • It may be a good idea to close the pool when maintenance staff is cleaning and disinfecting the furniture and equipment.
  • List out specific items to clean that might be neglected, such as shared pool equipment and door handles.

How will you ensure that the pool water is being properly sanitized?

  • Proper disinfection of pool water happens when chemicals are evenly distributed through the pool. Check daily that pool circulation and filtration systems are functioning at 100%.
  • Ensure that pool sanitization chemicals (bleach and acid) are well stocked. Contact us if you are running low and have only 3-4 days of chemicals remaining!
  • Use a SpinTouch or DPD test kit to manually test your pool water at least once per day.
  • Ensure that FAC and pH levels are within acceptable disinfection ranges:
    pH =  7.2 – 7.8, FAC =  1 – 10 ppm

How will you communicate these guidelines to employees and customers?

  • Communicating your guidelines is just as important as creating your guidelines! Plan how to promote accountability within your staff, and how to share these guidelines with customers.
  • Post your pool safety notices along with the other safety notices on your website (if possible).
  • A checklist of safety guidelines might be helpful for guests.
  • During check-in, inform guests about pool safety precautions that are in place.


Additional CDC Guidelines

The CDC has published guidelines aimed at helping pool managers and operators navigate through pool safety during Covid-19. Here are the main points that haven’t been covered above:

  • Urge staff and guests to stay home if feeling sick.
  • Promote healthy behaviors such as handwashing and mask* usage. (Do not place a cloth covering on children under the age of two or those who cannot remove a covering without help. Do not wear a mask while in the water.)
  • Remind patrons about healthy behaviors through emails, PA announcements, and handouts.
  • Provide staff and guests with sanitation supplies: hand washing soap, paper towels, garbage cans, hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol, etc.
  • Create a Covid-19 Response Plan, including:

The CDC also recommends creating a Covid-19 Response Plan in case of emergencies. The following should be included:

  • How to isolate a person with symptoms
  • Who to call when needed (ex: hospital, clinic)
  • How to transport a person from the pool area to the response center
  • Wait at least 24 hours before cleaning and sanitizing infected areas

Here are CDC-recommended disinfectants to use against Covid-19.


Poolsure will continue to bring the latest resources and information as the ongoing situation changes. Keep in mind that this is a fluid situation, and information may change. We recommend that you follow official government guidelines for your location as best as you can.

If you have any other questions, please call us or fill out a contact form from this website. 

Stay safe, and keep others safe!
Poolsure Team

Previous Updates
March 12, 2020: Water Transmission and COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Amid the growing concerns surrounding the spread and transmission of COVID-19 (or Coronavirus), Poolsure would like to address this issue in relation to pools and spas.

According to the CDC, there is NO EVIDENCE that the COVID-19 virus can spread to humans through use of properly-disinfected pools and spas.

The CDC has released this official statement regarding COVID-19 transmission in pools and hot tubs:

“There is no evidence that COVID-19 can be spread to humans through the use of pools and hot tubs. Proper operation, maintenance, and disinfection (e.g., with chlorine and bromine) of pools and hot tubs should remove or inactivate the virus that causes COVID-19.”

Read the full CDC statement here.

As of this moment, Poolsure remains open during regular operating hours, and there will be no disruption in our services to our customers. We will keep you updated in case anything changes.


Stay healthy and safe, and keep your pools disinfected!
Poolsure Team

March 24, 2020: Poolsure is Operational During Shelter in Place

We are aware that shelter in place orders have been issued in several of our service areas in the latest effort to contain the spread of COVID-19.

As an essential business, Poolsure is continuing all operations. There are no interruptions to our services at this time. We are committed to continuing to serve our community, and we are also doing what we can to protect our team.

Poolsure would like to ensure that we are minimizing unnecessary exposure wherever possible, and we respectfully ask everyone to follow the simple precautions below:

    • Make sure that Poolsure vehicles and team members are able to enter your property and pump room. Ensure that keys are placed in the lock box provided on your property, or that the gate is open when we need to enter.
    • If possible, please do not approach our team members while they are on property. If any communication is needed before, during, or after our visit, please call us or message us through our website.
    • Contact us when you have 3-4 days of chemicals remaining. Help us reduce the number of emergency deliveries by giving us enough notice before you run out of chemicals.

Chemical deliveries and technician visits can be handled by our staff without assistance, as long as we have access. Please reach out to us if access to your chemical storage areas or pump rooms has changed or will change. Remember that social distancing protects not only yourself, but also the people around you. We ask all our customers to please be mindful of physical interactions with our staff.

Finally, remember that proper sanitization keeps pools safe by killing off microorganisms (including the COVID-19 virus) that propagate in the water. Even for pools that are not open at this time of year, continuous maintenance is a cheaper and easier solution than fully rebalancing a pool after it opens.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to our customer service team. We are open full hours and are here to assist.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 800-858-7665


Poolsure Team

May 18, 2020: Pool Reopening Resources for TX and FL

Both Texas and Florida are currently limiting occupancy to 25% of maximum occupancy.

To help you communicate state guidelines to swimmers during this period, Poolsure is providing a free, printable reopening pool sign for Texas and Florida.

Click below to download:

Texas Reopening Pool Sign

Florida Reopening Pool Sign

Each sign includes the more recent reopening guidance released by the states of Texas and Florida and allows you to input your pool’s maximum occupancy on the bottom row. Both Texas and Florida currently allow for public, commercial pools to operate at 25% of max occupancy.

To figure out maximum occupancy of your pool for this time, use the following formulas:

25% of max occupancy = Your regular max occupancy / 4

Your pool’s regular max occupancy should already be posted at your pool and/or listed on your pool permit. For Texas pools, this chart will help you determine your pool’s regular max occupancy.

If you need help solving for your pool’s max occupancy during reopening or your pool’s regular max occupancy, please reach out to us for help.

State Governor Orders Regarding Pool Reopenings


The following information is based on currently published Texas and Florida government guidelines, and are subject to change:

Reopening Pool Rules: Texas
Texas Governor’s Pool Reopening Checklist 

  • Groups should stay 6 feet apart at all times.
  • Each group should consist of either 1) only people who live together, or 2) up to 5 individuals.
  • Swimmers should be advised to self-screen for any potential Covid-19 symptoms prior to entering the pool.
  • The maximum occupancy of each pool is currently limited to 25% of normal max capacity.

Reopening Pool Rules: Florida
Florida Governor’s Order

  • Groups should stay 6 feet apart at all times.
  • Each group should consist of at most 10 individuals.
  • Swimmers should be advised to self-screen for any potential Covid-19 symptoms prior to entering the pool.
  • The maximum occupancy of each pool is currently limited to 50% of normal max capacity.

Resources for Reopening


As states begin to lift stay-at-home orders, many pools and spas are reopening under limited scope. At this time, we urge that you follow all state and local guidance regarding reopening procedures and use your best judgment when it comes to your own location.

Below are some resources that can help you make decisions about what procedures to take when reopening your pools.

Considerations for Public Pools, Hot Tubs, and Water Playgrounds During COVID-19

Swimming World:
The Guide to Pool Openings: Here’s What Can Be Done to Ensure Safety

Covid-19 Reopening Guidance, Considerations for the Global Attractions Industry

Poolsure will continue to bring the latest resources and information as the ongoing situation changes. Keep in mind that this is a fluid situation, and information may change. We recommend that you follow official government guidelines for your location as best as you can.

If you have any other questions, please call us or fill out a contact form from this website. 


Poolsure Team