Hurricane Recovery Tips

Dear Friends and Customers of Poolsure,

In a continuing effort to help all facilities affected by the flood waters, we would like to share some important and critical information in regards to your flood recovery efforts. Below you will find some quick tips to help your pool recover as quickly as possible while minimizing long term damage.

  1. Do not drain the pool! The ground is water saturated and the pool is likely to pop out of the ground…even if there is a hydrostatic relief valve they are prone to failure.
  2. Once it is safe to do so, remove all physical debris from the pool. Clean skimmers and pump traps.
  3. Superchlorinate the pool, flood waters may have introduced all manner of contaminants into the water from livestock, etc.
  4. Perform an electronics and electrical inspection or have a professional inspect.
  5. Turn on pumps and begin filtering.
  6. Continue to brush your pool to prevent biofilm growth.
  7. Be safe!

Additional Tips

  • Electrical Safety For Clients: Restarting System
  • Wear shoes with rubber soles
  • Safety glasses and rubber gloves are recommended
  • Turn off power to the equipment room
  • Use a non-contact voltage detector to ensure power is off
  • Inspect area to be sure equipment is dry
  • Make sure junction boxes or gang boxes are not holding water
  • If equipment is still wet, or water is in fixtures/boxes leave the power off and ventilate room until water has fully dried. You may consider using a moisture dispersant designed for use on electrical contacts. Follow manufacturer’s directions.
  • Once equipment area has fully dried out re-energize equipment room
  • If breakers, fuses, or GFCI outlets are tripped reset or replace them.
  • If overcurrent or ground fault protection trips after reset DO NOT reset again. Call an electrician
  • If unable to perform a proper equipment inspection safely, or if the room has been fully submerged we recommend that you request our Service and Repair Diagnostic ($85.00) in order to provide a quote for equipment repair/replacement. If the repair is chosen, the diagnostic fee will be applied towards the repair.

If your pool will not be operable or be used for a while, Poolsure will offer a temporary program where our trucks will come by and inject chlorine directly into the pool. This will prevent the pool from turning green (a “swamp”) and will prevent mosquito breeding grounds. The pool cannot be open for swimming during this time and the water clarity will not be the equivalent to normal water chemistry with the filters running. Physical debris will still need to be removed by maintenance personnel and brushing must continue. Please contact us for additional information on this temporary program. In addition, we are also able to provide full equipment inspections and a repair team that can assist with assessment and repair of any flood related issues.

If you have any questions or needs, please contact us and we will do our best to assist.

While this is a devastating event for Houston and Florida; we are proud to work with all of our friends, partners, and customers in the recovery and rebuilding of our great city.

The Poolsure Team

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